Founders of the project “Fetal Heart 3D Models for prenatal diagnostics”

This 3D Model is a result of a close collaboration between physicians involved in fetal medicine (Dr. Marcin Wiechec MD,PhD and Dr. Agnieszka Nocun MD,PhD), industrial designers (Lukasz Tabakowski MA and co-workers), and a cardiosurgeon (Assoc. Prof. Jacek Kolcz MD,PhD). It constitutes a part of the project, which covers in total above 40 models presenting normal fetal heart and also examples of fetal hearts affected by various congenital defects. According to the authors, these models are significant in education of OB/GYN physicians and sonographers learning fetal heart screening and fetal echocardiography. Additionally, 3D printouts of a fetal heart will be used while consulting parents, whose child was prenatally diagnosed with a heart disease.

Fetal heart 3D models are part of MWU Group

The project was initiated by MWU Ultrasound Group – a professional provider of education in OB/GYN sonography and a renowned diagnostic center in fetal and gynecologic ultrasound.

The MWU courses with the use of 3D models

At all MWU Polish and English courses dedicated to fetal heart, our 3D models have been implemented. This refers not only to lectures, live scans of normalities and anomalies, but also to hands-on trainings.

While attending our events, you are able to learn teaching solutions which we developed to facilitate understanding the geometry of a normal and abnormal fetal heart.
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