Hysteroscopy training Kit


The 3DUterus Hysteroscopy Training Kit.

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The set containing 3 kinds of uterus: normal and two with patology (with the possibility of modification):

  • Set No 1. Normal uterus. Submucosal firbroids. Septated uterus. Training Kit frame.
  • Set No 2. Normal uterus. Endometrial polyp. Septated uterus. Training Kit frame.
  • Set No 3. Normal uterus. Submucosal fibroids. Endometrial polyp Training Kit frame.

The Hysteroscopy Training Kit consists of a frame and 3 (inter) changeable uterine (uterus) models for hysteroscopy. One of the uterine model is normal (without pathology), two other uterine models include selected pathologies from the listed below. Currently available models include pathologies such as polyps, submucosal fibroids, uterine septum, and a post cesarean section scar niche.

In addition to the The Hysteroscopy Training Kit you can purchase separately uterine models in the following configurations:

1. The normal uterus with the 
post cesarean section scar niche.
2. Uterus with submucosal fibroids and the 
post cesarean section scar niche.
3. Uterus with endometrial polyp and 
the post cesarean section scar niche.
4. Uterus with septum and endometrial polyp
5. Uterus with submucosal fibroids and endometrial polyps.

In addition, bipolar resection models are available to perform endometrial resection, polyp removal, submucosal fibroid resection.

The Hysteroscopy Training Set Kit Frame is designed to suspend uterine models. 48 slots with 2-5 holes each has been made, allowing multiple arrangements of uterine trailers. The casing of the frame covers the uterus during procedure for the operator. At the same time enables free access on the sides for supervision and control by the accompanying persons. The frame can be fixed to smooth surfaces using the suction cups supplied and also with double-sided tape.

Each of the interchangeable models of the womb (uterine models) reproduces the anatomy of the organ:

– labia maiora and minora, clithoris and vulvar vestibule with uretheral orifice and vaginal opening
– flexible vagina with possible mobility
– flexible cervix and vaginal fornices
 flexible uterus with fallopian tubes
– uterine ligaments which enables apropriate suport within the frame.

During histeroscopy, a liquid medium such as 0.9% NaCl can be used. 
It is possible to perform simulations of treatments without the use of a liquid medium.

* Interchangeable uterine models are best suited for the use of diagnostic and office hysteroscopes and minirectoscopes up to 5 mm in diameter.
In addition, it is possible to use a vaginal speculum with to set up an intrauterine system, IUD, pipelle, cervical block etc.

With the appropriate use of the uterine ligaments the model can be attached to the model in the desired manner by giving anteversion, anteflexion, retroversion, retroflexion, with possible rotation. Morever proper alignment of the vaginal walls and external os of the cervix is possible. This allows to design different degrees of difficulty in training sessions.

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